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The penguins were spying savio, who was in the zoo since some days, he said he wasnt evil, but Skipper's paranoia thought a different thing, that day he had passed all his time sleeping, because the last night he spent it trying to make his habitat nice for the new snake that was coming from California, she had passed a lot of kilometers and was on a box so he decided to make a confortable place for her.

Savio made the place look beautiful, it was shiny, clean and he also changed his bed to give it to her, he had passed some time in the wild so he could sleep in branches, he was sleeping when he heard the door open

"Alice, are you sure we need another boa?" he heard the asistant ask

"yes, we need them to-" she got cut by the voice of the asistant

"yes, yes, I know..."

When the snake was reaveled Savio looked at her, it was a beautifull boa, the skin was green with some lines between, like this |||||||, those were black, she had a flower hanging in her head, a rose to be excact, he face was identical to Savio's, her body was almost like Savio's, but she had girly eyebrows, like Mandy, Marlene and Arlene.

The snake shook her face and hen gave a glance to all the habitat, like looking for something, she passed 3 times over Savio but she didn't pay atention to him, but what she said then surprised Savio

"I thought there was a snake here?"

"ahemm?" Savio said trying to make her pay atention to him


"I am a snake"

"no, you are an assasain, I'm looking for a snake!" those words made Savio anger a lot, he had a bad reputation in the zoo, but this was too annoying, assasain?! really?!

"excuse me madam, but I am no assasain, my days of eating without permision are over!"

"I don't believe you"

"me neither!" Savio heard a voice of a small animal: Skipper, the pengins crew and the otter crew were looking at them (otter crew: Mandy, Marlene and Arlene)

"*sight* I say the truth!" Savio shouted

"skipper I believe he says the truth" Marlene said at the penguin that was just next to him

"come one Marlene? what's the posibility that what he says is true?"

"actually the probabilities that Savio says the truth are, about... 80%!" Kowalski calculated

"that means that Savio is saying the truth Skippa'!"  said inocently Private

"aha!" Rico afirmed

"I still don't believe this..."

"the paranoia atacks again!" Mandy and Arlene pointed sarcasticly at the same time


"don't scream I am next to you!" the boa shouted

"what is your name?"

"why shoud you know?"

"because, I don't know, because we share habitat?"

"ok, my name is Silvia, Silvia te boa"

"nice to meet you"

"at leat you say meet to her!" Skipper shouted


"bad to meet you, where is my bed!"

"there, princes!"

Silvia tried to go away, the same Savio, but when they slipped, they stopped moving, and then they got sent backwards to each other, they looked down, theyr bodies were tied together

"get away from me creep!" Silvia shouted

"you get away from me!"

Meanwhile the penguins watched all, Skipper reacted inmeadeatly


"well, it's, the courtship ritual"

"so, you like me! ewwww!" Silvia shouted

"actually the female is the one who atrackt te male to her body for three days"

"so I'll have to pass three days with this girl next to me!" Savio shouted

"actually it can be more, until you two kiss you will be tied!" Skipper shouted

"way to go girl!" Savio said

"it wasn't my fault!"

"it was!"

"hmm, we better get away..." Arlene said

"Skipper can you... stay a while?" Marlene asked to the comando penguin


Marlene and Skipper stayed a while there seeing the discusion between Silvia and Savio, Marlene always was near the comando, but he never noticed, after a while Skipper said to her

"Marlene I have to make my excercises with my team"

"ah, ok"

then he went away

"why did I told him to stay?..." she thought to herself as she also went away

day 1: Savio woke up and once he opened his eyes he saw Silvia, but she was too near, he jumped and woke Silvia, who did the same thing, after some seconds, Savio and Silvia reacted

"why I have to be with you!" Savio asked

(wait for part 2 to know the rest of day 1!)
yay, my second fanfic HERE

information about Arlene and/or Mandy enter Fanpop

:headbang: more love!

skipper, kowalski, private, rico, marlene, savio copyright Tom McGrath

Arlene, Mandy, Silvia copyright me!!!
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It's great story
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